About Us

SYNERGY PARTNERSHIPS LIMITED, LLC has been handling Abandoned Personal Property Auctions since 2007, and have literally completed thousands of auctions by removing abandoned personal property off-site, inventorying the personals, completing the legal advertising and then holding “public sale ” auction of “abandoned personal property.” Because of our expertise and tenure, we have been able to create the most cost effective Personal Property Auctions know in the industry, while keeping our clients bottom line in check.

Synergy Partnerships specializes in States like Florida, California, and Nebraska which have very strict laws governing the disposal of “abandoned personal property.” In these states we will photographically inventory all abandoned personal property, remove the property to one of our storage facilities, complete the legal advertising and hold the auction “off-site” so the Bank or Legal Owner of the real property will not lose any time getting the asset onto the market place for sale.

In other States like Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, South Dakota New Jersey and others that require storage of “abandoned personal property” before the disposal, Synergy Partnerships can assist with that as well. As previously mentioned part of Synergy’s procedures is to move the personal property off site to one of our storage facilities.

Additionally during Synergy Partnerships complete process, we will “indemnify” our Clients from any loss during our “abandoned personal property” auction process.

Aspen Grove Compliant, as many in the industry know today, companies participating within the lending industry and the loan servicing industry, you must be legally compliant with background checks on all personnel involved with their client’s assets. Synergy Partnerships is 100% compliant in all areas. And our field people check in and out with Aspen Grove every day.