Reclaiming Personal Property

Reclaiming Personal Property:

When Synergy Partnerships has removed “abandoned personal property” to one of our storage facilities depending upon the State, the former owner or occupant has the legal right to request to reclaim their property.

Subject to the state’s specific laws in this regard will determine the timing of that reclaim. See “Industry Experts” for the above timing. If the former owner or occupant does not contact Synergy Partnerships within the specified time limit, their “abandoned personal property” may be sold at a public sale “auction.”

Procedures to Reclaim:

The former owner or tenant must contact our office within the specified time in order to start the reclaim process.

Synergy Partnerships has a dedicated line within our phone system specifically set up for persons calling to reclaim their “abandoned personal property.” The extension is 110.  The caller must leave his or her complete name and former address. Calls are typically returned within 24 to 48 hours.

Once the contact has been made, the clock on the auction process is automatically stopped, and arrangements are set into place for the reclaim process to start.