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SYNERGY PARTNERSHIPS LIMITED, LLC has been handling Abandoned Personal Property Auctions since 2007, and have literally completed thousands of auctions by removing abandoned personal property off-site, inventorying the personals, completing the legal advertising and then holding “public sale ” auction of “abandoned personal property.” Because of our expertise and tenure, we have been able to create the most cost effective Personal Property Auctions known in the industry, while keeping our clients bottom line in check.

Abandoned Personal Property Experts

After 1000’s of auctions we are THE ABANDONED PROPERTY EXPERTS in the disposal of abandoned personal property! After this volume of business it is fair to say we have developed a business model that truly works.

State Codes Differ

Florida, California and Nebraska have very similar Civil Codes which govern how one can legally dispose of “abandoned personal property”.  All states civil codes evolve around the value of and the replacement cost of the personal property.

Reclaiming Personal Property

When Synergy Partnerships has removed “abandoned personal property” to one of our storage facilities depending upon the State, the former owner or occupant has the legal right to request to reclaim their property.

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